shouting hallelujah

She wished to say something very sensible but knew not how.

10 Oct

Pip, we’ve been working on your room, but mostly just the walls, because your uncle hasn’t finished your crib yet, and we have to get some sort of storage bins to handle all the great stuff people have been giving you. So while your walls are starting to look pretty grand, filled with gifts from the people we love, most of your room, a month out, looks like the last picture.

Sorry, love.


  • Harry, Ron & Hermione print by Nan Lawson
  • nest card by Nikki McClure
  • cheetah (?) sculpture by John’s little sister around age 5
  • tree of life and owl prints by John’s grandpa George [one of the Joseph grandpas]
  • owl screen print by some friend of my sister’s
  • birch print by a local artist whose work we saw in Thirsty Mind the same month we found out we were expecting Pip [maybe J will remember the artist, but I don’t]
  • Shire print bought for us by my college roommate Alicia
  • on the magnet board/checker board from my Granny: a vintage postcard from my friend Colleen, a bit of beautiful wrapping paper I’ve had for years given me by Layne, a vintage postcard from my mom, and a Mary prayer card from my dad, who always snags “Catholic trading cards” for J
  1. helenlindsay said: so jealous of your adorable nursery! mine is still in shambles. :(
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